Photographer Headshot, headshot in the snow

If we haven't met yet, I'm Michele Fontana...

create beautiful portraits for women who want to celebrate themselves and their journey…who are ready to say “I am worthy and deserving.”

Hello, dear one!

I’m Michele…an award winning portrait and headshot photographer in Summersville, WV and I specialize in photographing women 45+!

Your journey towards self-discovery starts here with us…where you’ll experience the power of self-love and self-appreciation and where we embrace the beauty of aging.

I believe every woman deserves to have beautiful portraits of herself and that’s where we come in!

Allow us the privilege of helping you recognize your value, find moments to pamper yourself and embark on a transformative photo shoot experience.

But it’s not just about capturing beautiful images; it’s about celebrating and commemorating the remarkable and wise woman you have become.

Invest in yourself, embrace your inner and outer radiance and allow us to capture this chapter in your life. Together, we’ll create a visual legacy that confidently declares to the world “I am worthy and deserving.”

Book your transformative photo shoot now!  We’ll help you create heirloom photographs you can hold in your hands…legacy portraits that honor your unique story that you and your family will treasure for generations to come!