Classic Noir

Classic N O I R - the Boudoir Alternative

In the past, boudoir shoots were strictly “For His Eyes Only” shoots which are mostly for your husband or partner.

Gone are the days when you have to do a photo shoot for someone else! If this session is something you’d love to do just for you or if the typical “boudoir” shoot makes you apprehensive, this photo shoot is just for you!

With a Classic Noir shoot, this experience is all about helping you get in touch with your confidence and the empowerment of being a woman! You won’t feel as nervous or vulnerable because you’re fully covered at all times. With black bodysuits, silky slips, tulle skirts,¬†and a few other pieces to add-on available in my studio to fit a variety of sizes, your photos will be classic and elegant while showing that you are an amazing, unstoppable, beautiful and confident woman!

Sidenote: Will your husband or partner love these photos? Absolutely!

Classic Noir, Modest Boudoir, Black and white image, mirrored floor

If you’d love your own Classic Noir photo shoot, contact me today!