Fabulous Over 40

Beauty Portraits, Women's Photo Shoot, Personal Branding Photo Shoot

A Celebration of Women
in their 40's, 50's, 60's
and beyond

Hello, dear one…

Have you stopped exisiting in photos or maybe just lost yourself somewhere along the way? If so…

Welcome, and get ready for a journey of self discovery!

The Fabulous Over 40 photo series is dedicated to building your inner confidence to begin existing in photos once again, while also starting a conversation about the beauty of aging and changing the way we define it. We’re going to take beautiful photographs that will help you fall in love with yourself again.

So often, our demographic is made to feel invisible. It’s time to let go of what no longer serves you and step into the light to feel empowered, to be seen and heard and to feel valued!

We’ll also have some honest talk about what it’s like to be a woman over 40 in today’s world and how to get back to who you are supposed to be. Maybe you’ve lost her for a time, but believe me, she’s still there!

If you’re still on the fence, just know I’ve got you! I will hold your hand through the whole experience…from that first phone call when we talk about what transformations you’re going through right now (we’re all experiencing changes in our lives!) to planning what you’ll wear to posing and directing you every step of the way to the final step of choosing your favorite image(s). And not only will you love these photos and be proud to share them, but they’ll be your legacy portraits. Images that will be touched, seen and loved by you now, and treasured by your family for generations to come! 

Before and After, Beauty Portraits, FAbulous Over 40
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Let's Change the Way

You See Yourself

Your photo shoot is where the

transformation in you happens…

your photographs are just the proof!

For a session fee of $375, you’ll receive:

  • Your Consultation, where we talk on the phone about your “why” for wanting to participate, your particular style, options for your wardrobe and where I invite you to envision the woman you want to find again or become during your shoot. 
  • A questionnaire that will begin to excavate or elevate your feelings of self-worth and value.
  • Hair and makeup by a professional hair and makeup artist.
  • One of a kind photo shoot experience with multiple wardrobe changes. You will be guided through every single pose and together we will create some of the most beautiful photos you’ve ever seen of yourself!
  • Your photo reveal session where we reveal the woman you re-discovered in your portrait session. 
  • Your favorite printed photograph in an 8″x10″ mat, ready to frame, with the corresponding digital file. 
  • A feature on my blog celebrating you and your story.  
  • Inclusion in a Fabulous Over 40 special edition magazine also highlighting your story and what makes you uniquely beautiful. 

 This series will be offered for a limited time.

Women's beauty portrait, over 40 women's portrait

Why Should I Do This?

To honor what makes you unique and beautiful


To embrace every line, freckle and scar, no matter your age, size or shape


To share your story about what it means to be a woman with a lifetime of expertise, skills and knowledge


To stand in your own power with body-positivity, strength and courage


To help other women realize they are a powerful force by stepping out of the shadows


To learn to love the image looking back at you in the mirror


To acknowledge that self-love isn’t selfish



Women's Beauty Portraits, FAbulous Over 40
Woman dancing, women's beauty portraits, chiffon skirt
Women's Beauty Portrait, Personal Branding, Headshot
Women's Beauty Portrait, FAbulous Over 40
Living room wall portrait gallery, women's beauty portraits, women over 40, wall portraits, wall art

This project will be promoted on social media so I ask that you’re comfortable with sharing your photos, age and information.

You will fill out a questionnaire about being a woman over 40 and what beauty means to you now.

Some of your answers will be shared on my blog, social media and in the magazine, as well as your before and after photos.

During your Photo Reveal Session you will have the option, if you desire, to purchase more photographs at my standard price list which you can find here.

However, no additional purchase is required and there’s no hard sell…but it IS my 100% goal for you to fall in love with every single picture you see of yourself!!