We caught up with Lori, a Fabulous Over 40 client…see what she had to say about how she felt before and after her photo shoot and the experience!

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What do you want these portraits to say about you?
What do you want to capture most? 

Me. I want them to capture me. The 40 year old me, that still has the spark of a naive 20 year old girl in them. I want it to capture my Beauty  so I can see it. I am beautiful inside and out. But I want to see it and have these photographs to look at and remember how far I’ve come and see what the journey will be like. I want portraits that my son will say wow mommy. And be able to have years after I’m gone and still be proud of, and every time he looks at them can still feel the love I had for him. 

What are you personally hoping to gain by this experience? 

I want to gain a reboot of confidence in a new and older me. A me that feels good to have the knowledge and experience under my belt. A me that has aged yes, but is seasoning so well. I want to give myself the okay to say with the utmost compassion, welcome to a new chapter. 

How are you feeling right now about being photographed? 

A little nervous. I am not as in shape as I was 20 years ago. I have always been healthy and plus size, but I am more plus now 😊
I am depending on you to pose me where I look radiant!!!! 

Why was this important for you to do now?

Because I just recently turned 40. I am a veteran nurse, and Covid has taken a toll on us all over the past 2+ years, especially the healthcare workers. I wanted to have something to leave my son and grandchildren
to remember me by…..ME. 😊

What was your favorite part about this process? 

Working with Michelle!!!! She is awesome, warm, friendly, and very accommodating to make this experience as comfortable
and wonderful as possible.  

What was your experience working with Michele? 

Please see above. Lol. She showed me and my mother the utmost respect and compassion. She is a kind warm soul and makes you feel
comfortable in your own skin ♥️

Did this experience change the way you see yourself?
If yes, what in particular stands out? 

Yes. I seen my true beauty and grace.
I seen me, at a new stage in my life. And I love me. ♥️

Do you define beauty differently now than you did
twenty years ago? If so, how? 

Yes. I most certainly do. I have come to realize beauty is not always a size 2. It’s not no wrinkles or grays. It’s not perfection. It is the the flaws of each person. That’s what makes us unique and beautiful. Beautiful is also what you see, and how you reflect it. And above all, it’s what  the ones we love most see in us through their eyes. I love you Liam !!!♥️

What is your favorite photo?
Describe the woman you see in this photo. 

The black sweater leaning on post. It is my absolute favorite.
It defines all that I am in one picture. It is the best version of me.
The seasoned 40 year old, wiser and more comfortable me.
The kind hearted mother, daughter, and loving partner I am.   

What was your biggest takeaway from your shoot? 

Love yourself!!!!!!! Time is short, so do what you want!!!!!    

What would you say to other women in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s+ who may be debating whether to book a session and step outside their comfort zone?

Please do. It will make you feel beautiful and rejuvenated. It will bring out the young woman that’s still in there!!! She is still there, just aging gracefully and gaining wisdom, that’s what time does, so do it now!!!! Preserve these moments!!!♥️

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